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Behind The Scenes

Recommendation Letters-
Conchita Belisle Newman 


"(Alysha) was professional, organized and always an enthusiastic collaborator from start to finish. She brought thoughtful, innovative, creative and helpful ideas, as well as her boundless energy, to production meetings as well as rehearsals and everything in between. The cast and crew loved working with her and expressed this sentiment to me on many occasions"

-Conchita Belisle Newman, Founder of The Fable Theatre (SEUSSICAL)

"Alysha is intelligent, grounded, warm and kind. I have loved working with her in many capacities, including having her as an assistant director, and am so excited to see more from this artist. She has a good eye and a keen sense of what a situation calls for; I cannot recommend Alysha enough."

-Lisa Sanaye Dring, Director of FEMPIRE


"...I can say with total conviction that she is a trusted and invaluable asset to any team. A great deal of the success of any project we worked on must be given to Alysha."

-Mary Alexandra Stiefvater, LAMDA and theatre colleague.



"Alysha Brady is one of the most compassionate artists I have ever worked with. Her generosity lends itself to communicating effectively and in doing so, creates a safe, collaborative environment for actors. I am always delighted to have her on my team and am excited to see what she creates moving forward."

- Cat Chengery, Actor in FEMPIRE

"Alysha did more than intelligently dissect and direct, but she created an instantly inclusive environment where people felt comfortable. Too few directors prioritize that, but those who do bring out the true best in everyone around them. She is undoubtedly one of those directors."

-Hannah Anderson, Actor in Alyshas YWP 

"I have worked with Alysha Brady a couple of times and have found her to be a director with vision and the ability to communicate that vision clearly to actors.  She also has an awesome sense of humor."

-Sarah Lilly, Actor in Alyshas YWP 



"Alysha has an incredibly keen eye for detail and a fierce commitment to honoring the story that is on the page. It is fleshed out with her tremendous heart and an ability to command a room."

-Justin Okin, Actor in FEMPIRE

"Alysha is always professional, approachable, hands-on, and a quick and creative solver of problems."

-Kerr Lordygan, Actor in 1=0


"As a member of the 2019 ART MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE at THEATRE OF NOTE, I personally saw the skill Alysha brought to the table assistant Directing the first show of our 2019 season. All of the Actors who worked under her were so grateful and impressed with her ability to communicate, guide and inspire them. We very much hope that she pitches to Direct one of our season shows."

-Lynn Odell, AMC at Theatre of NOTE

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