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What have I been up to?


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THE RAVAGES- A Podcast/Radio Play


I've been cast in Theatre of NOTEs next play (during COVID) 

THE RAVAGES  a two-hander world premiere show in which I play for two performances (alternating characters, one for each) THE STRANGER and


The Ravages: A Love Story

A World Premiere and NOTE’s First-Ever Audio Play!

Written by William Nedved & Directed by Samantha Squeri

Premiering February 14, 2021

“You – I know you…”

A stranger convinces an actor to travel to a far-off destination. Will they remember their past in order to change the future, or will history repeat itself once again?

Theatre of NOTE’s stunning first-ever audio play is coming to you this Valentine’s Day wherever you listen to podcasts.

Starring Alysha Brady and Max Lawrence
Sound Engineering and Original Music by Hauk Heimdallsman
Assistant Directed by Julie Lanctot
Stage Managed by Kayla Peterson
Produced by Elinor Gunn and Samantha Squeri for Theatre of NOTE

Audible Narrator- Be Wild, Be Free


During COVID I had the rare gift of being able to Narrate an Audible book


By Amber Fossey

This incredibly beautiful and very cheeky book, along with its creator, has a cult following on Instagram- Zeppelinmoon

You can hear a sample of my work via her VO page HERE

or via the Harper Colins page HERE

"Adults need picture books, too! A stunning, full-color debut gift book from renowned artist Amber Fossey (@zeppelinmoon), whose whimsical illustrations and clever witticisms reveal the universal struggle and happy magic of being a perfectly imperfect human being.

Do you hear the beasts scratching at the door?

They’ve been sleeping too long, and now they’re getting feisty."

The Mask Crusaders Fight COVID Together


I was a very small cog in a very large team of LA theatre makers

who joined together to help during the COVID Pandemic to bring N95 Masks to Doctors, Nurses, Front-line Workers,

Prisons, First Nations etc

all at the very height of COVID.


I am proud that I could do my part in helping to stop the spread

right when everything felt so very scary.

This was a beautiful example of how amazing our fellow humans can be when we band together.

See more of The Mask Crusaders story



and HERE:

Life LabNotes- Christmas Podcast


I had the joy of featuring in 


12 Days of Christmas REGIFTED

You can hear my voice the 8 Maids A-Milking poem via their website above, 

on Spotify

or via my VO page HERE

Will Scarlet gets an award...


I won a Scenie for my role as Will Scarlet in 

MARIAN: Or The True Tale of Robin Hood

"Outstanding Performance by a Featured Actress in a Comedy"


See our wonderful Reviews HERE

“one of Theatre Of NOTE’s most exhilarating hits in years”

“there’s not a weak link in the cast of Theatre Of NOTErs”

“Most memorable of all ...Brady’s engagingly manly/womanly Will, ... best-of-show.”

“From his first literary appearance in the 1370s to 2010’s Russell Crowe big-screen starrer, Robin Hood has kept audiences captivated for centuries. Adam Szymkowicz’s gender-bending latest may well be the most entertaining of the lot.”

Cast in ROOTS


I was cast as Natasha in the Theatre of Note production of ROOTS


I got to play Ayn Rands sister in the Musial One Act RAND!

And also understudied the lead in DEADPAN, Winnie


"Theatre of NOTE continues its 2019 season with

ROOTS: An Evening of World Premiere Shorts,

by Lisa Sanaye Dring, Phinneas Kiyomura, Erik Patterson, and Bill Robens,

directed by Lee Hannah Conrads.

ROOTS: An Evening of World Premiere Shorts is an evening of four wonderfully strange world premiere short plays, written by four accomplished Theatre of NOTE-grown playwrights, which together usher audiences through the complexity of the human condition."

​​Cast in a sequel to Jane Austen's

"Pride and Prejudice" for Christmas


I was cast as Anne in the Theatre of Note Christmas Fundraiser Production 2018
Miss Bennet: Christmas At Pemberly

Mary Bennet - Michelle McGregor

Arthur de Bourgh - Michael Kodi Farrow

Charles Bingley - Stephen Laferriere 

Fitzwilliam Darcy - Thomas Newman

Elizabeth Darcy - Michelle Wicklas

Jane Bingley -  Zoe Yale 

Lydia Wickham - Kelly Ohanian

Anne (DeBourgh) - Alysha Brady


A sequel to Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice" set two years after the novel ends, "Miss Bennet" continues the story, only this time with bookish "middle sister" Mary as its unlikely heroine. Mary is growing tired of her role as dutiful middle sister in the face of her siblings' romantic escapades. When the family gathers for Christmas at Pemberley, an unexpected guest sparks Mary's hopes for independence, an intellectual match, and possibly even love.

Cleo Theo and Wu- Ive Been Cast Again


I was cast as LUCY U/S (Understudy to Kirsten Vangsness)

in the Theatre of Note Production
Cleo Theo and Wu

Created by, written and starring
Kirsten Vangsness

Directed by Lisa Dring

Lucy is a modern Angeleno gal just trying to be her best self—the Cool Girl, Lady Boss and all-around getting sh*t done Boss Bitch. But, suddenly, the fate of the universe is in her hands and she’s gonna need to do better than self-help books and inspirational Insta Quotes. Never fear! Space creatures from the future and the forgotten women of ancient history are teaming up to get Lucy on the right track.

Careening through time and place, CLEO, THEO & WU takes Lucy on a heroine’s journey with the remarkable women who were so much more than the power-hungry, sex-obsessed obstacles that history books would have you believe.

Will Scarlet AND Producer of the HIT SHOW Marian


I was both cast in and Co-produced a show at Theatre of NOTE

MARIAN: Or The True Tale of Robin Hood


See our wonderful Reviews HERE

“one of Theatre Of NOTE’s most exhilarating hits in years”

“there’s not a weak link in the cast of Theatre Of NOTErs”

“Most memorable of all ...Brady’s engagingly manly/womanly Will, ... best-of-show.”

“From his first literary appearance in the 1370s to 2010’s Russell Crowe big-screen star, Robin Hood has kept audiences captivated for centuries. Adam Szymkowicz’s gender-bending latest may well be the most entertaining of the lot.”

Podcast Interview


I had the pleasure of being interviewed on

The Loudmouth Report/Podcast

You can see the Facebook video here

And download the podcast on iTunes here

SoundCloud here

Alternative *Acts


I took part in theatre of NOTEs Late Night One Act Series


Out of the Five, I starred in two acts

and understudied Kirsten Vangsness in another.


More information via the Reviews Page.

Acting in Virtual Reality/ 360


I took part in the first of its kind

VR/360 Workshop for

Writing, Directing and Acting in Virtual Reality.

Hosted by Cinemersia and VRLA.


As part of this workshop I was delighted to be cast in a short VR film called

"The Audition" 


I'm excited about this new form of acting and cant wait to do more.

Cast in (barely) managing

As Alyx in (Barely) Managing

I had the absolute joy of being not only cast in

Kit Leonard Dennis

Pilot Episode "(barely) managing"

...but Kit had a role written especially for me!


I play ALYX: No-Nonsense British Ball-Buster Head Manager...

who might know a little more than she's letting on...


My performance was inspired by Judy Dench as M in Casino Royale..

Cast Again...


I was cast as WHISK (u/s)in the Theatre of Note Production

And for the very first time on the NOTE stage I get to use my own accent as a re-imagined British WHISK...


written and directed by
Phinneas Kiyomura.

"Meet Phraz and Frasz,
two different (or the same) "wannabe" writers battling ego, jealousy, love and doubt, as they strive for, and attempt to define, success in Hollywood."

Alysha at the Independant Shakespeare Co. LA


I performed twice as WOMAN/Mrs Wilde

at the ISC LA Iambic Lab for the reading of

C.3.3.: The Redemption of Oscar Wilde.


The three-hander play was adapted by

Scott Carter

Executive Producer of

HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher

and performed at the ISC Studios


Stared David Melville as Oscar Wilde.


"Wilde spent two years doing hard labor in English prisons after he was convicted of gross indecency in May 1895. His extraordinary writing about his experience is the centerpiece of this new play."

Alysha is a BANSHEE


I stared in the NOTE hit show


Directed by James R Carey

Written by Brian C Petti


Junior- Bill Voorhees

Cara- Alysha Brady

Kit- Lynn Odell

Neil- Joe Mahon

Truck Driver-Norm Johnson.

Understudies- Jonathon Lamer, Jenny Gillett, Suzanne Voss, & Brad C. Light.


"BANSHEE cuts to the heart of what ails a New York family headed by an impossible matriarch, Irish immigrant Kit Sullivan. Kit is disappointed with son Junior and makes no secret of it. Junior, turning 40 and having recently suffered a nervous breakdown after years of caring for his widowed mother, wants life to return to normal. He is helped by his well-meaning cop brother, Neil, and his new girlfriend, Cara. Soon the girlfriend meets the mother, Kit, and Mother has some supernatural suspicions about this young Irish woman. All might be well if Junior weren't having terrifying visions of his own. Be it the psychological trauma or the Irish legend plaguing their home, both beg the question, which is this family's true tormentor?"




I joined the #Shakes450 collaboration

The Digital Stage celebrated Shakespeare's birthday by collaborating across the internet to collectively upload over 450 monologues and sonnets

The goal was to create the largest online archive of performed classical speeches in history!

Click for two molologues performed by me -HERE



Special Thanks to MARGARET HAGGARD

Alysha in Disassembly

Alysha Cast In Another Theatre of NOTE Play

She understudyed two of the leading ladies in the World Premiere NOTE production


Alexis DelaRosa - Evan

Esther Canata - Ellen

Alina Phelan Ballou - Diane

Tony DiCarlo - Jerome

Travis Moscinski - Stanley

Grace Eboigbe - Tessa

Channing Sargent - Mirabelle

Understudies:Reese Rios - Evan & Jerome Alysha Brady - Diane & Tessa Kimberly Yates - Mirabelle & Ellen Travis York - Stanley

J-Bird in Sheet Cake

Alysha was cast as J-Bird in  the world premiere of SHEET CAKE SLIDING. BroadwayWorld

"A self-made business executive tries to mold his family to conform to his big plans, only to find that the family is a creation as complex and dangerous as Frankenstein's monster. A black comedy narrated by two pet Dalmations and acted by characters who don't want to be in the play, SHEET CAKE SLIDING is a post-modern Willie Loman story for the latter half of the 20th century."

LA Weelky Awards Show

Alysha had the amazing fortune of landing a starring role at Theatre Of NOTE in "Hearts Like Fists" which went on to win many awards not to mention allowed her the great honor of performing as a CrimeFighter at the LA Weekly awards ceremony.LA Weekly Awards

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