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Dual British/ American Nationality

Theatre of NOTE Member, LAMDA Graduate, ​LA Theatre Sceenie Winner​, Winner of a Golden Betty

Cheeky, Fiery Redhead

with a warm sensibility and strong will.



Born in Sacramento, California to an American father and English mother, I moved with my parents and older brother to the UK when I was just eleven months old.

My family moved back to the states and re-located to Folsom, CA after my father left the American Airforce and got a job as a pilot for American Airlines. I was eight.

During my years in America, I was known for my ability to mimic my friend's accents and yet never lost my own English one.


After high school, I was lucky enough to be accepted into my dream school The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (LAMDA). I spent over six years living in London and working as an actor and then moved to Los Angeles to continue following my career.


After a short hiatus from acting to study Massage Therapy and Reiki Healing in LA, I joined the well-known Theatre company Theatre of NOTE in 2011. 

I became a part of the LA Pro 99 Theatre Scene as an actor, producer and head of the New Membership committee of Theatre of NOTE for over a decade.

In 2019 I added Director to my bag of tricks and then started off 2020 as Assoc Artistic Director of

The SkyPilot Theatre Company.

For 17 years if I wasnt treading the boards myself I was most likely behind the scenes at any of my favourite 99 Seat Theatre Companies in and around Los Angeles.



I was a very small cog in a very large team of LA theatre makers who joined together to help during the COVID Pandemic to bring N95 Masks to Doctors, Nurses, Front-line Workers, Prisons, First Nations etc all at the very height of COVID.

I am proud that I could do my part in helping to stop the spread right when everything felt so very scary.

This was a beautiful example of how amazing our fellow humans can be when we band together.

See more of The Mask Crusaders story


and HERE:


During my time in lockdown, I decided to take the initiative and learn how to better myself as an artist
both on and off stage. I studied online with TIE (Theatrical I
ntimacy Education) and their Intimacy Direction courses to further my own knowledge of intimacy work in the theatre and add to my skills as a director/creative person.

I then received my Intimacy Captain certificate with IDOC (Intimacy Directors Of Colour) and after my
certification in ”Anti-Racist Theatre: A Foun
dation Course” with Nicole Brewer, Conscientious Theatre Training (CTT). I am a keen advocate not only for inclusivity and diversity but for treating artists with compassion, and learning how to keep them feeling safe and comfortable throughout the artistic process.



As the Associate Artistic Director of SkyPilot, I adeptly navigated numerous challenges during my tenure, particularly amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite these obstacles, we remained resilient, engaging our company and community through innovative initiatives. I take immense pride in spearheading and lead producing the "Sonnets in LA" series, alongside the Zoom Play-reading series "BLM II," which showcased the artistic talents of LA Global Majority artists while shedding light on the issues faced by the Black Lives Matter movement. Additionally, I curated our compelling COVID monologue series, providing a creative outlet for our community during challenging times. To foster connection and collaboration, I skilfully organised virtual events, ensuring our community thrived even when physically apart.


With all the changes COVID brought to my life, I came back to London iSept 2021.

I moved back and quickly started helping WICKED on the West End as their COVID Supervisor.


The summer of 2022 I became a part of Secret Cinemas FOH team for DIRTY DANCING.

In the Fall of 2022, I was promoted to be one of their Accessibility Hosts for  GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY.


While I am based in the UK now, I'm still virtually connected with the LA theatre community that I love and miss.


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