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BLM Vol 2 for SkyPilot

BLM Vol 2.

I was Lead-Producer for our On-Line BLM Series during COVID-19

with help from my Co-Producer Shelby Janes

for SkyPilot Theatre Company.


Featuring 3 one-act plays that speak to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Two years ago, SkyPilot Theatre Company presented a One Act Festival that featured new plays based on Black Lives Matter, #MeToo, and March for Our Lives.

At the time, there were too many great submissions to perform them all.

Now, we have taken the opportunity to present three more of the plays we received for Black Lives Matter that we really enjoyed with the goal of highlighting artists of color and continuing the discussion.

Watch Via the WEBSITE

Also check out SkyPilotTheatreCompany on YouTube to see our past readings.

Please also visit BlackLivesMatter.com and donate to the cause.

The plays:

"The Ethel Party" by Lolly Ward
Directed by Marc Antonio Pritchett
Featuring Veronica Roy, Michael James Nuells, Ayla Rose Barreau, and Arden Haywood Smalls

"Way Home" by Leah Halper
Directed by June Carryl
Featuring Rosemary Thomas, Frederick Irvin, and Arden Haywood Smalls

"Road Trip" by Starina Johnson
Directed by Reena Dutt
Featuring Katie Page, Norm Johnson, and Arden Haywood Smalls

Signed on to Co Direct a Musical


Ive signed on to Co Direct Seussical for The Fable Theatre company

We are blessed with the most amazing cast
I cant WAIT for everyone to see them in all their glory
In fact...  we might have a little taster for you in just over a month...
More info on that and all things Seussical to come
(make sure you follow and like me on all the social media things)



Copy Of -Im the New Assoc Artistic Director of SkyPilot

SkyPilot Theatre Company

Im the new Assoc Artistic Director of SkyPilot Theatre Company in LA!

Truly excited

Stay tuned for more info

Director for Skypilots One Act Festival

Skypilot Presents FUTURE SHOCK


Alysha directed a One Act in the SkyPilot One Act Festival: Future Shock

It ran November 7th-24th 2019 at

Oh My Ribs! Theater, 6468 Santa Monica Blvd 90038

She was a part of Series B and her play performed Saturdays and Sundays


Series A - Thursdays and Fridays at 8pm

Mondegreen by Stephen Olson
Directed by Morry Schorr

Free Space by Isaac Rathbone
Directed by Stephen Juhl

The Old Rogue by James Menges
Directed by James Carey

Series B -

Saturdays at 8pm and Sundays at 5pm

Book of Life by Judy Klass
Directed by Arden Haywood Smalls

Truthiness by Maximillian Gill
Directed by Kristina Lloyd

Final Assignment by Jean Koppen
Directed by Alysha Brady

Tickets $15 a night,  $20 for a festival pass to see both Series A and Seres B.

More info HERE

Assistant Director of Kirsten Vangsness FEMPIRE- EdFringe

Alysha has had the absolute pleasure of continuing on 2019 by Assistant Directing ANOTHER show. The revised version of Cleo Theo and Wu as well as MESS by/for Kirsten Vangsness (Criminal Minds).

THE FEMIPRE (what both shows are being called)went to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019 and performed in the Power Room at The Assembly Rooms.

Having understudied Kirsten as Lucy in the first iteration of Cleo Theo and Wu (CTW) at the end of 2018, she was so pleased to be working alongside her Director for CTW Lisa Sange Dring.

The show was more stream-lined for The Fringe (55 minutes!) and even included songs.

She was even able to join them all for the final leg of the Fringe Festival to help out the production team, as well as seeing one of her favourite cities and being a part of the EdFringe for the third time in her life.

Truly this was one for the books.


Cleo Theo and Wu

and MESS

By Kirsten Vangsness
Directed by Lisa Sange Dring

Assistant Directed by Alysha Brady

Cleo Theo and Wu:

Lucy (Kirsten Vangsness of Criminal Minds) is just trying to work out how to be the best cool girl, lady boss, and all around woman she can be when suddenly, the fate of universe is in her hands. Never fear! Space creatures and the forgotten women of history are teaming up to get Lucy on track. Careening through time and place on a heroine's journey with the women who are more than what the HIStorians have you believe


We all are a mess, I guess. In Mess, Kirsten Vangsness of Criminal Minds explores the non-linearity of time, visible quantum objects, monsters, kittens and Christian rock.



Proud producer of Marian- we won a Scenie!

MARIAN: Or The True Tale of Robin Hood

Won a Scenie for Outstanding Production of a Comedy!

See our wonderful Reviews HERE

“From his first literary appearance in the 1370s to 2010’s Russell Crowe big-screen starrer, Robin Hood has kept audiences captivated for centuries. Adam Szymkowicz’s gender-bending latest may well be the most entertaining of the lot.”

Director for The Young Writers Project

The Young Writers Project

Each spring, Theatre of NOTE in Hollywood has a mini season of five 10-minute, one-act plays written by high school kids from various schools in our community.

They are then directed and performed by professional actors in and outside of our company.

I personally had the wonderful pleasure of directing a piece called Please Dont Change The Subject about teen anxiety and depression with an incredibly talented group of actresses.
Im quite proud of what we did in what little time we had.

Assistant Director of "1=0" NOTE

To her surprise and enjoyment Alysha started out 2019 by Assistant Directing at Theatre of NOTE in its World Premiere show 1=0

She has been working hand-in-hand with her Banshee director James Carey and has been truly bitten by the Directing Bug.

Come and see the show and don't forget the understudy Shows Thursday 7th & 14th.... for their very own take on the characters with Alyshas personal guidance...



By Joshua Fardon
Directed by James Carey

Assistant Directed by Alysha Brady

Mathematics has a fragile nobility that can be drawn between two numbers...just as it can be drawn between two people. When one woman accepts the help of another, her dependence leaves a few variables for filling, and nothing comes out even. With the introduction of a third, male, party, the equation gets more complicated.

The faith once placed in numbers, which aren't supposed to lie, has been compromised. Can 1=0? What is infinite possibility?

Feb 22- March 30

Producer of the HIT SHOW Marian

I was both cast in and Co-produced a show at Theatre of NOTE

MARIAN: Or The True Tale of Robin Hood


See our wonderful Reviews HERE

“one of Theatre Of NOTE’s most exhilarating hits in years”

“there’s not a weak link in the cast of Theatre Of NOTErs”

“Most memorable of all ...Brady’s engagingly manly/womanly Will, ... best-of-show.”

“From his first literary appearance in the 1370s to 2010’s Russell Crowe big-screen starrer, Robin Hood has kept audiences captivated for centuries. Adam Szymkowicz’s gender-bending latest may well be the most entertaining of the lot.”

Podcast Interview

Alysha recently had the pleasure of being interviewed on

The Loudmouth Report/Podcast

You can see the Facebook video here

And download the podcast on iTunes here

SoundCloud here

Co Prodcuing HFF at NOTE... Again

Alysha Co Produced around 10 plays at Theatre of NOTE for the HFF in June 2016.She Produced alongside John Money (for the Second time) as well as Aaron Saldana and John Colella.Our Plays were huge hits especially a One-Man show called "A Regular Little Houdini" Created, Written and Starring Alyshas fellow LAMDA Alum and friend Daniel Lywellyn-Williams. Check out his wonderful reviews HEREHFF Awards.Winners:

The Inkwell Playwright’s Promise Award (Sponsored by The Inkwell Theater)
“Odilia” by Vanessa Espino

The Rogue Shakespeare Award for Artistic Excellence (Sponsored by Rogue Shakespeare®)
Daniel Llewelyn-Williams – Writing/Acting Excellence – “A Regular Little Houdini”


“A Regular Little Houdini”

Solo Performance
“A Regular Little Houdini”

Beyond Bechdel-Wallace Award (Sponsored by Broads’ Word Ensemble)

The Unleashed Award (Sponsored by Theatre Unleashed)

Encore Performances

A Regular Little Houdini
And A Regular Little Houdini was Awarded"Best performance by an actor" by the team at theTVolutionwww.thetvolution.comAND both A Regular Little Houdini and Neva were given a platinum medal by the TVolution audiences of which only 11 shows out of 250 were given

Alysha at the Independant Shakespeare Co. LA

Alysha performed twice as WOMAN/Mrs Wilde

at the ISC LA Iambic Lab for the reading of

C.3.3.: The Redemption of Oscar Wilde.


The three-hander play was adapted by

Scott Carter Executive Producer of

HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher

and performed at the ISC Studios


Stared David Melville as Oscar Wilde.


"Wilde spent two years doing hard labor in English prisons after he was convicted of gross indecency in May 1895. His extraordinary writing about his experience is the centerpiece of this new play."

Niagara Falls

Alysha Associate Produced a little show at Theatre of NOTE calledNIAGARA FALLS
It became the darling of the Pro 99 seat cause and won over critic after criticAnd joy of joys we had SOLD OUT HOUSES almost every night!
Its was a great ride
Amazing cast
Fantastic crew
Couldn't be more proud

Have a look at what the LA Times said about us HERE

HFF At Theatre of NOTE

Alysha helped Co Produce the Hollywood Fringe Festival 2014 at her Theatre Home Theatre of NOTE.She had the pleasure of Producing along side vetren Producer of LA & NY John Money and together they produced not only a sucessful Fringe Season but one that won the "Most Wanted" award from theLA Female Playwrites Initiative (FPI)For more info on the HFF please visit their website

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